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About Us

Certified Repair Station

ATC was founded in 1998, and provides repair and overhaul services for components and accessories found on both commercial and military air transport aircraft.

The company performs, in house, its own repairs, engineering, quality control testing and refinishing in its 100,000 plus square feet of modern facilities in both Gilbert, AZ and Tulsa, OK. 

Repair Station Image
Repair Station Image

Core values

Customer Service

ATC differentiates ourselves as a leader in customer service by recruiting and retaining the most skilled professionals who treat customers with the respect they deserve


ATC acts with integrity and honesty in all aspects of relationships with customers and other stakeholders


ATC holds an unwavering commitment to the highest quality products and services

Internal Services Include:

  • Electrical Accessories Shop
  • Flap Transmission & Gearbox Shop
  • Flap Carriages & Flap Track Shop
  • Hydraulics Shop with Test Area
  • **New** Enhanced hydraulics repair and test capabilities 
  • Landing Gear Shop
  • Machine Shop
  • Paint Removal and Grind Shop
  • Mechanical Accessories Shop
  • Paint Shop with Two Large Spray Booths
  • Non-Destructive Test Lab (NDT)
       (MPI) Magnetic Particle Inspection
       (FPI) Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection
       (UT) Ultrasonic Testing
       (ET) Eddy Current Testing
  • Passivation Facilities:
       Acid/Chemical Bath (Nitric Acid & Water)
       Mechanical Blasting (Medium Oxide Grit)
  • Crew Seat Shop
  • Structures & Composites Shop with Clean Room

Our Locations

Facilities Designed For Future Growth

ATC Arizona


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